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Silicone Facial Mask
Product: Silicone Facial Mask
Material: 100% food grade silicone
Color: White
Size: 270mm*205mm,thickness is 1.2mm
Payment: Negoctiable
Package: 1pcs/bag

                                      silicone facial mask

Usage :

1.Apply it above the normal moisturizing face mask. Effectively avoiding theevaporation of the essence.

2.Single ear cover designed to good prevent shifting or loss mask.

3.Can use it alone as a steam mask during bathing.

4.Canbe used and washed repeatedly.

About the product:

1.Effectively prevent the essence mask in air conditioningenvironment evaporation.

2.Unique ear hanging type design, effectively prevent afacial mask when walking, mask shift or shedding.

3.Bath alone using this product, it can also be used assteam mask .

4.Using silicone material, no rubber smell can be repeated.

5.Wrapping effect,worn over a sheet mask,it prevents the mask's serumfrom evaporating under air conditioning.

6.Used in the bath without a sheet mask, itworks as a face-steaming mask.

7.Made of silicone material that does not havethe unpleasant odor peculiar to rubber.

8.Can be washed and reused.

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