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Silicone Brush Egg
Product: Silicone brush egg
Material: Silicone
Color: Purple/Pink/Blue/Black/White/Yellow or As your require
Size: 7*5.5*3cm
Payment: Negoctiable
Package: Box, 1 pcs/set

                                       Silicone Brush Egg

1.Uniqueglove design, look like eggs
2.Made of high quality silicone, gently clean the bristleswithout damaging your brushes
3.Deep cleaning of the brush by removing the dust
4.Compact and cute, fit in your makeup case

About  the product:

BIGSIZE MAKEUP BRUSH EGG - MelodySusie Beautieg Makeup Brush Eggs are designedwith wider opening and cleaning patterns, which are much better than any otherbrush eggs to clean your makeup brushes efficiently.

UNIQUEDESIGN WITH GREAT FUNCTION - The width of the opening is 2 inches, longer thanany other makeup brush eggs, which is perfect for three fingers to fit ineasily and to hold the items tightly. The tiny granules are used for cleaningsmall brushes and the stripes are designed for larger makeup brushes.


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