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Massage Cups
Product: silicone massage cupping
Material: silicone
Color: various color
Size: XL:70*80MM;L:55*55MM;M:37*80MM;S:15*50MM
Payment: Paypal,Western Union,T/T

Specialized in silicone product more than 10 years experience.

High quality , prompt delivery and competitive price.

Customers first!

Customized design is always available .

Products details:

1. The technique is safe and credible.

2. There is no infection and pain in treating diseases.

3. It is convenient for operator and easy to accept.

4. It has extensive indications, limited contraindications.

5. It can be used not only for hospital but also more suitable for family.

6. It can with stand a high temperature of 250 °C.

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