Linmed Medical Co.,Ltd

Menstrual Cup  100% medical grade silicone

So easy to be used as a tampon, made of 100% hypoallergenic

soft medical silicone.

Collects menstrual flow instead of absorbing it,without leaks and

respecting your vaginal environment.

The environmental conscious alternative to disposable products

for women’s hygiene.

Linmed Medical Co., Ltd silicone product manufacturer

We are the Chinese professional silicone products manufacturer, such as menstrual cup, silicone brush, silicone kitchenware,silicone egg brush and etc.The view of quality-oriented, sales serviece-oriented makes our products gain many good  feedback and well received by our customer.
Foldable Cup  smart design&cute shape

If you feel wet and hot when using the Pad during  menstrual period.
Menstrual cup is your best choice.

If you feel the normal cup is unconvenient to bring and wash.

Foldable cup would be your perfect alternative.

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New Sharing

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